I realize you have a choice when selecting an agent to help you sell your home and truly appreciate the opportunity to present my proven approach and the results I have achieved for my clients. As your agent, there are several services you can expect me to provide, including:

  • Accurately pricing your home
  • Enhancing the perceived – and real – value of your home, enabling you to command a higher asking price.
  • Providing cutting edge marketing including professional photography, video property tours, professional measurements, detailed floorplans, and high – quality brochures all designed to make your property stand out.
  • Helping you avoid the two main reasons sales fall apart – low lender appraisals and problems with the home inspection.
  • Experienced guidance gained from over 400 successful transactions.
  • Individual attention – you work exclusively with me on all aspects of your sale – you are not handed off to an assistant or coordinator once the listing agreement is signed.

Regardless of the price of your home when you hire me as your Realtor, both you and your home, will be prepared for a successful sale. Remember – The Difference is Experience.


Understanding How Buyers Evaluate Homes

The marketing Nate does to promote your home has only one purpose – to increase awareness among potential buyers leading to in person showings.

Once buyers reach your front door, the job of marketing is over.

Your home must now compete with other homes in two areas features and price.

If your home is well maintained and has more features that appeal to buyers than comparable homes, your home will stand out as the better value.

Conversely, if your home lacks the features that potential buyers desire your only option is to compete on price.

Understanding this will help you achieve every seller’s key objectives – to obtain at or above your property’s fair market value in your desired period of time with the least amount of inconvenience.


Pricing Your Home For A Successful Sale

Pricing your home accurately is the most effective way to ensure a successful sale. Allow me to repeat that – pricing your home accurately is the most effective way to ensure a successful sale.

No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home.

Many sellers are tempted to list their home with the agent who quotes the highest price.

Please keep in mind that the agent doesn’t set the price, the seller doesn’t set the price – the market will set the price, or value, for your home.

Factors that influence market value:

  • Supply and demand
  • Economic conditions
  • Asking and selling prices of competing homes
  • Your home’s condition
  • Buyer’s perception of your home

Factors with little or NO influence on market value:

  • The price the seller paid for the home
  • The seller’s expected net proceeds
  • The amount spent on improvements
  • Tax value of the home
  • Zillow Zestimates and similar website values


Preparing Your Home For A Successful Sale

With the typical agent, you only discover potential deal killing repairs after you are already under contract – when a buyer hires a home inspector to scrutinize every aspect of your home. Nate is very experienced evaluating houses for potential issues and will perform a walk – through of your home to identify any problems.

Discovering and repairing problems early in the marketing process places YOU in control, eliminating the stress of making repairs on the buyer schedule. Having your house in move – in condition also helps you avoid delays at closing and demonstrates to buyers, agents, and the buyers home inspector that your house has been very well – maintained. We want buyers to focus on how they would live in your home – not what they would have to repair.

Additionally, your house will stand out from the competition as a better value and command a higher price.

Nate will also recommend trustworthy professional contractors to address any repairs that are needed. The extent that these repairs are made will directly affect your listing price. You have the ability to command a higher asking price, and substantiate it, when your home is in top condition.


Marketing Your Home For A Successful Sale

Your home is now priced accurately and looks great.

Let’s show it off.

The marketing of your home reflects in the history of how buyers search for, and purchase, homes:

95% of buyers use the Internet during their home search.

  • The overwhelming majority of home sales in the Triangle are co-brokered. This means that there is a listing agent to represent you, the seller, and another agent who represents the buyer of your home. As a result, marketing to other agents is our most productive activity.
  • The most effective way to get the attention of productive agents and buyers is through accurate pricing and great photography.

We make your property stand out online by offering:

A. Professional Photography

After your home is market ready, Nate will have your home professionally photographed.

With 95% of buyers using the Internet to search for homes, professional photography is essential to any comprehensive marketing plan.

More people will view your home online then will never visit it personally. Getting, and holding, their attention online with professional photography is one way to increase the probability of an in person showing.

“Buyers perceive homes with professional photography to be worth on average 12% more than the actual price.” – Wall Street Journal.

B. Video Property Tours

Having great looking photography will create interest in your home. However, Nate takes the visual presentation one step further and has professional video shot of your home. This video tour is not to be confused with the common virtual tour which simply shows pictures with music in the background. This is a true video walk through of your home – allowing all potential buyers the opportunity to see your home as if they were walking through it in person. This is an incredible tool to make your property distinctive against the competition.

C. Professionally Measured Property

This is where we are marketing to other agents rather than to potential buyers. Agents want to know that the property’s size is being presented accurately because inaccurate square footage can affect the value of the home as well as the appraisal by the lender down the road.

D. Floor Plan For Each Property

Providing a Floor Plan for buyers eliminates one of the main challenges of looking for homes online – not knowing how the home is laid out. Is the master bedroom at the back of the house? Will my furniture fit in the family room? Is the dining room convenient to the kitchen? We include a professionally created floor plan with room dimensions to make your home stand out.

E. High Quality Flyers

We don’t create a run of the mill flyer for your home. In addition to the description and highlights of your home, the flyer includes high quality photos, a QR code link to the video tour so that potential buyers can view it on their smart phones, and the floor plan of the home. This makes the flyer more than just piece of paper – but rather a virtual link to your property.


Nate will place your home first and foremost in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service (the “MLS”). This is the prime resource for agents helping buyers find homes. Your home will also be featured on the largest real estate websites in the nation including, Zillow and Trulia. We make your property stand out on these sites. Your home will also be visible on numerous other real estate websites around the country through the syndication, or sharing, of your listing through our MLS.

Remember. . . The Difference is Experience.

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